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One Minute a Day to Inspired Parenting eBook

This 148 page E-book of Daily Inspirations is guaranteed to make you a more inspired parent – and a happier person.  

The book is designed in bite-sized inspirations. Read a nugget each day, or dive in at random and trust that the page you turn to will have exactly what you need at that moment.

Each moment gives us a new chance to change directions. Even if we change our reaction to only a few things that happen today, we’ll find ourselves heading in a new direction.  Before we know it, we’re in a whole new landscape.

Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask First
Zen and the Art of Parenting
Manage Your Emotions So Your Child Will Too
What to Say When You Talk to Yourself
Help Your Child WANT to Behave
Children Learn What They Live
Course Correction
You Have the Most Important Job on the Planet