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Peaceful Parenting

What does it mean to be a Peaceful Parent?

No human is always peaceful. Peaceful Parenting just means that we work on ourselves first, so that we aren't taking our own emotions out on our children.

  • We take responsibility for regulating our own emotions, so we can stay as calm as possible with our children.
  • We set limits with empathy.
  • We reflect before we react, looking for the reason behind our child's behavior.
  • We connect before we correct.
  • We try to accept our child's "big" emotions with compassion, which helps the child move past them.
  • We apologize and repair when we mess up.
  • We take responsibility for keeping our own "love cups" full, so we can pour our appreciation, acceptance and unconditional love into our child.

And we end up with more peaceful homes and hearts, a lot less drama, and a lot more love.

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Why Peaceful Parenting?

Peaceful parenting raises an emotionally healthy child who WANTS to cooperate, without yelling, threats, bribes or punishment.

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The Neurobiology of Peaceful Parenting

Four videos of Dr. Laura Markham's parenting hacks to work with your child's nervous system (and your own!) for optimal brain development & a more peaceful home.

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Polyvagal-Informed Parenting

This 3-video challenge will give you quick tips on what we can learn from polyvagal theory that will help us to raise more resilient children.

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Mindful Parenting: Your #1 Responsibility as a Parent

If we can stay mindful—meaning we notice our emotions and consciously CHOOSE how to act on them—we model emotional regulation, and our children learn from watching us.

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13 Tips to Transition to Peaceful Parenting

You Can Be That Peaceful Parent. Here's your plan.

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Does Peaceful Parenting Mean Letting Kids Do Whatever They Want?

Parents can get confused about peaceful parenting, thinking it means their child will do whatever he wants. But here's how to stay in charge...peacefully.

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The surprise side benefit of regulating your own emotions

Would you work harder to stay calm, if you knew it would change your child's brain?

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Healing Yourself So You Can Be a More Peaceful Parent

The truth is that virtually all of us were wounded as children, and if we don't heal those wounds, they prevent us from parenting our children optimally.

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Staying Calm When One Child Hurts the Other

Most parents say that when one child hurts another, it’s the hardest time for them to self-regulate. The truth is, the reason you “lose it” is that you feel powerless and the rage makes you feel better.

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Teen's Perspective: What Peaceful Parenting Taught Me

I often get questions from parents unconvinced of the effectiveness of my parenting techniques. I have a treat for you--a first-hand account from a peacefully parented young adult.

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