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Parental Conflict

The nature of human relationships is that we will sometimes disagree. It's wonderful for children to see their parents model how to work out disagreements. It's important for them to know that we don't always agree, but we always love each other. Kids need to see us ask for what we need without attacking the other person. And it's critical for them to see us make up, with affection and forgiveness. But that doesn't mean that it's okay to yell at each other in front of our kids. The research shows that when parents disagree respectfully and then work things through to a solution and affectionately make up, kids learn valuable lessons about working through conflicts constructively. But the research also shows that yelling always affects kids badly. Yelling is not constructive conflict resolution. It's a tantrum. So how can you handle the inevitable disagreements that come up in a relationship -- when you live with kids and want to be a good role model?

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Fighting Fair When you Live With Kids: Healthy Conflict Resolution

Modeling healthy conflict resolution with our partner or spouse helps kids learn how to work out disagreements for themselves as adults later. Here's how.

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How To Do Damage Control When You Fight In Front of Your Kids

Conflict is part of every human relationship. So what exactly is a healthy fight? How do you minimize the damage in front of your kids when you're arguing?

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How To Make a Fight With Your Partner Into a Positive Learning Experience for Your Child

Fight with your partner? If you can disagree with respect and affection, and work toward a win/win decision, that's great modeling for your child.

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