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How to Raise an Emotionally Intelligent Child

Managing anxiety in order to tackle a big project, managing anger in order to work through a marital conflict, managing fear in order to apply for a job -- the ability of a human being to manage his or her emotions in a healthy way will determine the quality of his life much more fundamentally than his IQ.

In fact, psychologists have come to call this ability EQ, or Emotional Intelligence Quotient. The links below will help you to raise a child with a high EQ, who, you'll be happy to find, is also happier and a delight to parent.

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How to Raise an Emotionally Intelligent Child

Self acceptance, seeing things from the other person’s point of view, and the ability to regulate one’s own anxiety: Here's how to help your child develop high EQ.

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Love the One You're With: Nurturing your child's unique temperament

Helping children to know themselves well and to manage themselves to best meet their overall goals is one of the most helpful gifts any parent can give a child.

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10 Tips To Help Your Child With Anger

All kids need parental help to learn how to manage their anger. Here are ten tips for teaching your child healthy anger management in everyday life.

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12 Tips To Raise a Competent Child

Competent children are free enough from emotional issues to tackle the age-appropriate developmental tasks and emerge with greater confidence.

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Engagement: Helping Your Child Find Their Passion

A withdrawn child is a red flag that something is wrong. But what happens as they grow up, and modern life gets in the way?

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Teaching Your Child the Art of Happiness

This whole website is about helping you raise a happy child. But let's talk specifically about what makes humans happy.

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Can Your Child's Self Esteem Be Too High?

Every parent wants their children to love themselves, to be confident, happy people. But some parents worry that children can have self esteem that is "too high."

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12 Tips To Raise a Persistent Child

Some parents wish their child was less persistent. But persistence is a wonderful trait; essential to accomplishing what you want in life. Here's how to manage it!

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The Secret of Raising a Resilient Child

Why is resilience a critical quality? Because a resilient child will become a happy adult! How can you help your child build skills for resilience?

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Raise Your Child to Be an Optimist

Even if you were born with a tendency to pessimism, you can greatly increase your optimism quotient. Here's how to help your child -- and yourself -- become more optimistic.

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Books to Help Kids Develop Emotional Intelligence

Books to read to your child about emotions to help them master their own emotions.

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Using EFT to Calm Kids & Help Them Process Emotions

Parents ask me how they can de-stress & stay calm with their kids. I recommend a simple technique that anchors breathing & speaks to the unconscious: Emotional Freedom Technique.

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Books to Help You Explain Death To Children

Books can be a tremendous help in explaining death to our children and helping them cope with grief.

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