But all small children seem to be fascinated by books about emotion. I suspect this is because mastering their emotions is one of the big challenges of their young lives, and they want all the help they can get.

Think about it -- did the adults in your life help you to feel good about your emotions and learn to manage them productively? Sending you to your room to calm down doesn't count; that just taught you that you're alone with your scary feelings and that they're unacceptable, and made it more likely you would manage your emotions with food or other destructive habits later in life.

We teach children about emotion every day, when we help them understand what they're feeling and express it constructively. (Of course, what constructive means will evolve as kids get older.) But we can give ourselves, and our child, a lot of help by reading them books about emotion. 

Recommended Books for Kids:

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And here's a downloadable pdf list of books that you can take with you to the library!

Books That Help Kids Develop Emotional Intelligence




Books About the Parent-Child Relationship


Books to Help Children Develop Confidence and Resourcefulness