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Grief is a part of every life, and how we handle loss has a huge impact on the richness of our family's emotional life. Our comfort level with loss also gives our children an important role model. The kids who successfully live through loss are the ones who find ways to feel connected to the person they've lost AND to go on with their lives.

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Helping Kids with Grief, Loss and Bereavement

Here are a few guidelines to help you talk with your child about grief.

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Explaining Death to Children

Kids who can maintain a relationship with the person they've lost, even as they go on living fully and joyfully, make the healthiest adjustment to loss.

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Books to Help You Explain Death To Children

Books can be a tremendous help in explaining death to our children and helping them cope with grief.

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Healing after Miscarriage

Letting yourself cry and mourn, both with your husband and without him, will help you to heal. You are mourning a very real loss.

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