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Age 3-5 Years

Not a baby anymore, not even a toddler, your little one is a Preschooler -- what is often called the Wonder Years. And wondrous they are, as your little one gains the ability to manage herself and control her emotions -- most of the time!

Want cooperation? Connect with her, and make your routines fun. 

Want a preschooler who goes to bed easily and doesn't have potty accidents? Make sure you meet his needs for security. 

Want a kid who talks instead of hitting or tantrumming? Develop his emotional intelligence by empathizing and talking about feelings. 

Here's your game plan for bringing out the best in your preschooler.

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Game Plan for Peaceful Parenting Your Preschooler

With a little help from you, these "wonder years" will build a secure and unlimited foundation for your son's or daughter's entire childhood.

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Positive Parenting Your Preschooler: Daily Life

Here's how to manage your three or four year old to maximize the joys of daily life, and minimize the struggles.

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The Cure for Whining

Whining is a symptom of a deeper issue. So if you want to eliminate whining, you have to address what's underneath.

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Getting Your Preschooler To Sleep

Wondering how to get your three, four, or five your old into bed. Top ten tips to help your three to five year old settle into bed peacefully and stay there.

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Why Every Home Needs a Calm-Down Corner

Use time-ins, a cozy corner and co-regulation to help your child calm those big emotions. This is simply a comforting place where people in your home go to calm down.

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Managing Your Own Separation Anxiety

A 12-step program for parents to develop goodbye rituals, honor your feelings, and help your child make a smooth adjustment to school.

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Play, Creativity and Toys

Why Play is so important to your child's development and how to choose toys to nurture intellectual, emotional, physical and social development.

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