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  • "When I found your site last year I was at the end of my rope with my then 3 year old son. He was aggressive toward his younger brother and our dog. At school he was bullying other kids and had difficulties staying on task. He was even kicked out of his first preschool class for bullying. I had tried everything I could think of- time outs, loss of privileges, lectures, sticker charts, and even spanking. Everything seemed to work initially but soon wore off. At first the idea that you could teach children without punishments seemed crazy but I was so desperate and out of ideas so I decided to try your advice. I got your book and managed to get my husband on board. For the past year we have been gentle parents and have noticed slow and steady progress..... We still see a lot of tantrums and I do have to watch closely to make sure he doesn't hurt his little brother but things are better. He goes to a new preschool this year and today his teacher asked to meet me after class. I braced myself for the worst only to hear that my son is a leader in his class, that he goes out of his way to help others, befriends new kids, that the other children look up to him. She tells me that he is doing wonderfully and wants to start working with him on more advanced materials as he is ahead of the rest of his class. I cried when I realized how far he's come over the past year. I can't tell you how grateful I am for the help you've given us. It really has made such a tremendous difference to my precious child. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart." -Angela W.