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Elizabeth DeFazio RN, MS

Peaceful Parenting Coach

Sacramento, CA

About Elizabeth DeFazio RN, MS

You are not alone. Raising children is hard.  It's possibly the most difficult and most important work you will ever do.  We have been taught that to be good parents we need to control our children's behavior.  Not only is this not possible, the opposite is actually true.  If we can control our own behavior, our children will begin to respond differently to us.  If we listen to them, they will listen to us.  

If you want to be a peaceful parent, but applying the philosophy in your daily life has been challenging, I can offer practical tools and insights so you can interact differently with your child.  I'll help you see the world through their eyes and connect to them in a whole new way.  

I have experience working with parents who are:

  • overcoming attachment and bonding difficulties
  • raising foster or adopted children
  • introducing a new child to the family
  • managing tantrums and defiance
  • struggling with emotional regulation (both your own and your child's)

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