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Marilyn Low

Parenting Coach & Educator


About Marilyn Low

Ready to regain peace, connection & joy in parenting? As your coach, I offer a safe, compassionate & supportive space. I’ll listen empathically to support & empower you in clarifying your parenting challenges & goals. I’ll be your cheerleader & guide, always rooting for you! Parenting a highly-sensitive child? I’ve got you. Through my lived experience as a highly-sensitive mum to a highly-sensitive child, I know what it’s like. Despite our unique challenges, my child & I share a close relationship & bond with each other and I want the same for you. As a Singaporean who’s travelled & worked across the globe, living in Australia, Dubai & Malaysia, I bring a multicultural perspective. My learnings in neuroscience, attachment theory & trauma have been profound in my journey of self-discovery & growth. I’m eager to support you in discovering your unique path to empowerment & healing. My Catholic faith has personally been pivotal in my parenting journey. If you’re seeking to parent through a Catholic lens, I’d love to support you. I truly believe we can foster a kinder, more loving society through Peaceful Parenting! Let’s change the world together one parenting moment at a time.