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Melissa Raithby-Vamos

Comprehensive Yoga Therapist, Peaceful Parenting Coach

Brantford, ON

About Melissa Raithby-Vamos

Welcome, amazing person! Let's work together to untangle some of the challenges you're facing with your children (and yourself!), so that you can build those lasting, meaningful bonds of your dreams. Together, we will find realistic, loving strategies, that look after you and your precious child. Our work together will include lots of powerful tools like discussion and problem solving, breath work, and maybe mantra, visualization and relaxation.

I began my professional career more than ten years ago now, as a classroom teacher. When life threw me some major curve balls a few years ago, I turned my love of learning inward and began to train in Yoga. As a Comprehensive Yoga Therapist (trained in Classical Yoga which operates holistically on all levels of being, not just poses), I feel confident in my ability to support and love you through the challenges that the kind of growth you are working towards can bring.





Peaceful Parenting Coach - Aha! Parenting Certified Badge