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Sam Miles

Parenting Coach

Kent, England

About Sam Miles

Often parenting leaves us feeling burnt out, frustrated, anxious and alone. All the mixed messages coming at us can very quickly become completely overwhelming. Being a mum has been one of the most incredible journeys of self-discovery and personal growth, while simultaneously one of the most challenging! I had no idea just how ill equipped I was when I first became a mum 15 years ago. I had no idea how to raise a tiny human outside of the blueprint I had formed from my own childhood, one that was inadequate for the unique challenges that lay in front of me as a neurodivergent parent to a neurodivergent child. I had to unlearn all I knew and start over, with a very alternative style of parenting, which at times was incredibly isolating. I have over a decade of experience as an early years educator and I am trained in attachment play and the Hand In Hand Parenting approach. I provide a space of compassion and curiosity within which a relationship of safety and trust can be developed, with each other and most importantly with yourself! I would be honoured to support you through any obstacles you may be facing.