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Sheryl Ang

Parenting Coach

Singapore ,

About Sheryl Ang

Welcome to my sanctuary in the rewarding yet complex world of parenting. As a mom to highly spirited, dyslexic children, an educator, and a coach, I deeply understand the intricate balance our many roles require. My experience as a homeschooling mom and business owner has enriched my insight into these challenges over the years.

As a peaceful parent coach, I guide parents to clarity and confidence, helping them craft their unique family paths with ease, avoiding tears and dejection. I offer a blend of community-based resources, membership options, and personalized consulting. Whether you’re beginning your peaceful parenting journey, setting boundaries, or managing your child’s education, I’m here to help you achieve your goals smoothly.

My approach is inspired by non-violent communication, collaborative problem-solving, playful parenting, and an attachment-based developmental perspective. Being trauma-informed and a mindfulness practitioner, I create a safe, nurturing space for you. With over a decade of experience supporting parents and professionals in home and work environments, my mission is to provide you with the resources, encouragement, and solutions you need.

Let’s explore how I can support you through a complimentary 30-minute discovery call. My services are available worldwide. Together, we can embark on this transformative journey for you and your family.


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