What Causes Sibling Rivalry? - In this video, Dr. Laura explains the causes of Sibling Rivalry and how parents can intervene more positively to support a healthy sibling relationship.

Intervening In a Sibling Fight - In this video, Dr. Laura Markham teaches you how to intervene in a sibling fight so that both kids feel heard, they learn to express their needs without attacking each other, and they learn the skills to work things out by themselves -- so that soon, you won't have to intervene!

Healing Sibling Resentment - Is your child resentful of their sibling? In this video, Dr. Laura coaches parents on how to melt that "chip on the shoulder" and increase positive sibling interactions so that affection has a chance to grow.

How Parents Can Reduce Sibling Rivalry - In this video, Dr. Laura Markham shares her six research-based secrets to prevent and heal sibling rivalry.

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