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Recommended Gifts - School Age

Throw Throw Burrito

A card game that includes a burrito? Yes, and lots of laughter! Line up the matching cards and be first to Throw Throw the Burrito at your children... sorry! ...your competitors! This family friendly game is sure to get everyone laughing, which releases oxytocin in the bloodstream and strengthens family bonds all around. Great for age 5 and up.

National Geographic Glowing Marble Run

This National Geographic Glowing Marble Run includes glow in the dark glass marbles with 5 sturdy bases, 15 action pieces, and 45 clear tracks. Teaches children about the physics of motion and aerodynamics while it encourages countless hours of reconfigurations based on your child's imagination.

The Ultimate Prank Kit

Gift these as stocking stuffers, or as one big gift to a prankster child who enjoys a good laugh, or give them out to kids at a party. These are cheap gags, but they could certainly keep a ten year old busy for hours setting up the pranks with friends and family, and its an easy way to get good connection laughter going with a preteen.

Totem: the Feel-Good Game

This conversation card game encourages kids to see themselves from a growth mindset. It's a wonderful way to support healthy self-esteem and strengthen the sibling bond with positive interactions.

Indoor Scooter Board

Work on balance and coordination while having fun with this scooter board for kids! Children will have fun building motor skills inside and out. Safe to use inside on a rainy day or outside on pavement. 

Indoor Swing & Ring Combo

This swing and ring combo generates tons of indoor fun for kids and lets them be physically active anytime or all the time! 

Sensory Swing

This sensory swing is great when kids are bored, over-stimulated or angry because it helps them calm down. Install indoors or out to give kids of all ages a safe place to self regulate. Best for school-age kids but all ages love it. 

Spark Family Game: The Magic of Storytelling

This is a great imaginative family game that will have everyone talking and laughing together.  Even if you’ve played story games before, this will be a new experience. Simple enough for the little ones to play yet experienced storytellers will find an exciting challenge. INCLUDES: SPARK App with over 16 hours of story music. Plot Cards to help you steer your story. Objects to include in the story. Twists that take the story in an unexpected direction. Goal cards for competitive play. Players: 2-10 or more. Ages: 6+ 

      Water Balloon Filler Pump

      Hands on way to fill up water balloon and start the next water balloon fight!  Encourages independent play, fine motor skills, and gentle handling of the water balloons so they don't pop!  Might result in some splashing and laughing.  Best used outdoors! 

      Stand up Swurfer Swing

      Get your kids outdoors for some fresh air and swing surfing on this side to side wooden swing!  Builds confidence, gross motor skills, and encourages time in nature!  

      Adjustable Inline Skates for Kids/Adults

      Designed for beginners and pros, fits children and is adjustable to grow with the skater.  Sturdy, safe design, with a supportive cuff and comfort liner.  Helps your child develop higher self-confidence and teaches how to balance with gross motor skill utilization!  Great gift to get them outside and join them on a bike or your own skates as a family activity! 

      Oversized Microfiber and Sherpa Wearable Blanket for Kids

      Super comfy and cozy oversized wearable blanket for your little snuggler!  Excellent for sensory seeking children who also love soft blankets!  Perfect for wearing outdoors to stargaze, or camping!  

      Magic Tree House Boxed Book Set

      Engage your child in the story of Jack and Annie's adventures in their newly discovered tree house in the woods!  Magical stories come to life and your child gets to join the adventure! 

      Apple Slicer and Corer

      A cool kitchen gadget your child will love simply using, and may encourage them to eat more apples!  Comes with safety cover that helps protect fingers during the slicing and coring process.  Great to have on the counter as friends visit so your child can offer to cut them some apples! 

      Kids Pod Swing Hammock

      Fun and sensory pod swing can be used indoors/outdoors which providers your child a sense of safety and a soothing sensation to help them calm down and regulate their emotions better.  Hang it from a doorframe, ceiling, or a tree outdoors, any sturdy frame will work!  Makes a great addition to a children's room, especially for a reading nook!

      Rapid-Filling Water Balloons

      Unleash an outdoor water balloon fight with this set of Bunch O Balloons!  Fill and tie 100 water balloons in 60 seconds, simply by attaching to a hose, fill them, and shake them until they drop into the bucket!  Makes for a great outdoor family water balloon fight to bring on the laughter and connection! 

      800 Pound Gorilla Card Game

      This game is a great way to make memories with your kids and get them off those screens! Join the lovable Gorilla from Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza in this NEW game for an exciting jungle adventure! Win by having the most banana points by the end of the game!

      Customizable Skatepark Ramp Set with Exclusive Fingerboard

      Recreate or customize your mini skateboard park with the Tech Deck Nyjah Skatepark X-Connect Park Creator skateboard ramp set. Set up different combinations with a stair set, rail, Hubba ledge, and ramps to learn and progress your tricks. Great activity for kids to play imaginary screen-free games together!

      A Little SPOT Emotional Regulation Box Set

      A Little SPOT Emotional Regulation box set was developed to help children see the importance of identifying and managing their emotions. This box set includes: Needs Feelings, Emotion Coach, Anger Shield, Disappointment, Sleepy, Positive Thinking, Peaceful Hands, and Wasted Worry. 

      Hopper Ball

      This sit and bounce hopper ball is perfect for getting energy out of little bodies in a safe way while exercising the core muscles in a child's body.   Self-directed activity that encourages risk taking while giving the child autonomy over how high to bounce.  Gift this along with access passes to a trampoline park for your school-aged child for a connection filled and memorable gift this year! 

      Taco vs. Burrito

      Hilarious card game designed by a 7 year old for kids 7 and up!  Only takes 10-15 mins to play and is optimal for 2-4 players.  Let your child build the most valuable meal to win!  

      Rush Hour Traffic Jam Logic Game

      Rush Hour Traffic Jam is a great game for individual play. It requires problem solving and helps your child develop their prefrontal cortex. 

      Fort Building Kit

      All kids love to build forts using blankets in the living room, but often kids get frustrated because their imagination so exceeds their available building materials, and the forts just collapse. Fort Building Kit to the rescue!

      Gears! Gears! Gears! Super Building Set

      This is a great building set that encourages your child to think critically and use problem solving skills while they create their own set ups.  This set is designed so that kids as young as four can use it independently, once you get them started. Great for brain development!

      Magic Cabin Take-Along Posable Pocket Fairies

      These are sweet fairy dolls that are great for encouraging imaginative, open-ended pretend play. 

      Air Hover Soccer Ball

      The Air Hover Soccer Ball is the perfect way to get your kids to move their bodies. The ball works inside or out and easily glides over any smooth surface. That means your child can turn any floor into a soccer or air hockey field! Does not mark up your walls and the hover effect is fascinating for kids.

      Kidcraft Dollhouse

      Dollhouses are terrific for imaginative play. They're wonderful to help kids play out the emotions related to family issues ("Whoops....the pterodactyl just carried off the baby...too bad") and parents can even use them to initiate that kind of play. And many kids simply love them. 

      Peaceable Kingdom Fish Stix - The Game Where Every Fish Counts

      This is such a fun family game that can be played with or without strategy so can work for multiple ages and siblings. 

      Balance Stepping Stones

      These balance stepping stones are a fun physical activity for kids! They practice balancing skills, jumping, and creativity. They can also be used inside or out.

      Jewelry Making Kit

      Your child will love practicing their creativity by designing and making their own jewelry with this kit. This all-in-one kit Includes all the tools, charms, beads and instructions needed to make jewelry, and is a wonderful way to explore the craft of jewelry-making.

      Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper

      This is a fun jumping toy that can be used for indoor or outdoor play. Children (and adults too!) of all heights and weights can have fun while moving their bodies. 

      Stomp Rocket Dueling Rockets

      This stomp rocket activity is a fun way for kids and parents to be active together outside! 

      Magic Doodle Mat

      This extra large water drawing doodling mat encourages hours of creativity your kids will love!

      Peaceable Kingdom Race to the Treasure

      This is a fun cooperative game that also encourages learning about math grid concepts. 

      Sensory Stepping Balance Buckets

      This balance bucket set is a fun way for your kids to move their bodies while promoting gross motor skills, balance and coordination. 


      Ooze Tube

      The ooze tube is a great calming tool for all ages of children (and adults too!). 

      Nausea-Prevention Seaband for Children

      The Anti-Nausea Seaband is a wonderful remedy for kids who get motion sickness. Your child can use the band in the car, on a plane, or on a boat. 

      Sensory Chew Necklaces Pencil Toppers

      I still remember my teacher saying to me "It looks like you have a puppy in your desk!" If you have a child who chews on her pencils, she needs these chewable pencil toppers.

      Chewable Necklace

      Does your child chew on his collar or sleeve when he gets anxious or excited? The solution is chewable necklaces! These necklaces provide needed sensory input and are also fun to wear.

      Doodle Pillowcase

      This pillowcase is a unique way to encourage your child's creativity! Let them doodle away and when they want to start again, all they have to do is wash and dry the pillowcase and they can start creating again! 

      Family Fun Night Project - Make Together Family Bowl

      Doing family projects together is a great way to connect and enjoy each other while making something creative and fun. 

      Fraction Rainbow Tiles

      This is such a great tool to introduce fractions and make the concepts easy for kids. 

      Funny Nose Pencil Sharpener

      A fun and functional gift for gradeschoolers up through early teens, this silly sharpener makes a great stocking stuffer!

      Glow In The Dark Wonder Stars

      If you had stars on your ceiling as a child, you'll know how terrific these are. If you didn't, wait until you lie with your child in her dark room looking at her glowing ceiling! Relaxing as kids fall asleep. Even teenagers love them.

      Paint & Plant Pizza Herb Growing Kit

      Your child will love getting to grow their own plants from seed, then using them to make their own pizzas! 

      Indigo Dreams: Relaxation and Stress Management Bedtime Stories for Children

      Wonderful, soothing relaxation cd for kids. The stories create beautiful and relaxing images and messages. Highly recommended for bedtime or anytime your child needs a little help to manage stress and anxiety. Produced by Lori Lite.

      Love, Dad and Me: A Father and Daughter Keepsake Journal

      This is a lovely journal with prompts that will help strengthen you father-daughter relationships. 


      Q&A a Day for Kids: A Three-Year Journal

      This is a sweet journal that will inspire conversations between parents and children. Posing one question a day, this journal provides an easy way to spark meaningful discussion with your child and record their answers. It can also be a place for children to write their answers and ideas for themselves. However this journal is used, it will be the keepsake of a lifetime to have three years of your child's evolving answers written inside these pages. 

      Sensory Bed Sheet for Kids

      If you have a sensory seeking, restless child who has a hard time self-soothing to sleep, this may change your life. Weighted blankets can be terrific to calm kids who need that extra security, but they sometimes have a way of sliding off a restless child. This wrap slips over the mattress like a pillow case, so it can't come off. 

      The Talking, Feeling and Doing Game

      When I did child therapy, I used this game all the time and children loved it. And when my own children reached school age, they loved it too. My young adult daughter still talks about how much she loved this game as a child. This game gives children an easy way to talk about emotions and thoughts.


      Tumbling Mat

      Every child needs a padded Tumbling Mat. It can be unfolded to allow rambunctious play inside. It fosters motor skills. It keeps kids busy in physical play, so they sleep better. Babies can use it to learn to crawl and walk, toddlers, preschoolers and older to roughhouse and practice tumbling and gymnastics.

      Worry Monster

      This toy provides children and preteens with a safe place to share worries and anxieties. It can also be used for parents and children to write messages to each other.

      Weighted Comforter

      This weighted blanket is perfect for your school-aged child who seeks the comfort and care weighted blankets can give. 

      Kids Audiobook Player & 5 Cards My First Classic Stories Collection

      Help your little one listen to audio books while you're busy with their sibling. Builds imagination, autonomy, and love of books, and you never have to worry about screen-intake.

      Weighted Lap Pad

      This 3lb Lap Pad helps your kids stay calm and less anxious.

      Grateful Together: A Gratitude Journal for Kids and Their Parents

      This journal is a beautiful way to inspire parents and children to communicate and share their gratitude. 

      Our Sharing Journal: Journal Notebook for Kids and Parents

      Both parents and kids can enjoy this simple and fun journal while connecting with each other.

      Monkey Noodle Stretchy String Fidget

      These fidget boodles are so fun to manipulate and provide much needed sensory and tactile stimulation.

      LCD Writing Tablet

      Encourage endless creativity in your kids with this writing and drawing pad! Erase and start again or lock the screen so there's no accidental deletion. A great way to be creative without wasting paper!

      Kids' Toy Storage Organizer

      An organized play area makes it easier for kids to choose which toys to play with and can lead to a more peaceful family dynamic! This toy storage can make organizing your child's toys easy to do and easy for them to see and choose the toy they want to play with.