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Connecting with Your Child

As our children grow, how do we maintain a strong connection throughout all the developmental stages and phases, while setting the necessary limits?


Activate Your Hormones to Become a Better Parent -- and a Happier Person!

The more oxytocin you have, the more loving and attentive you are to your baby. Here's how you can make more "love" hormone.


Unconditional Love In Action: Cherishing Your Child

Being cherished as a baby is the foundation for the development of empathy, compassion, and emotional generosity. Learn more about how cherishing is our secret parenting weapon.


The Continuum Concept

The Continuum Concept is the idea that to thrive, babies need the kind of experience they adapted to as humans evolved.


Helping Your Toddler with Separation Anxiety

Dreading leaving your toddler with the babysitter or at daycare and want to prepare him? Here's your 13-Step Program to smooth the process.


The Family That Plays Together

Infusing a spirit of joy and playfulness into your home nurtures your family like little else. Play is children's language -- join them in their world!


255 Conversation Starters for Family Discussions

Parents often say they don’t know where to begin to have a “real” conversation with their child. These questions will get you started.


Can Your Child Trust You?

Kids don't just say things like "I'm considering cheating on the test" or "I'm bulimic." Parents have to earn that kind of trust. And here's how.


Foolproof Strategies for Getting Kids to Talk

Foolproof strategies to build trust and get your child to talk with you about what matters to them.


Staying Close to Your Tween Daughter

If you can adjust your parenting to her new needs, the tween years are the perfect time to strengthen your relationship with your preteen daughter.